srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

This temple hosts many divine forms of emperumAn and AzhwAr/AchAryas.

There are four srInivAsan emperumAns in AzhwAr thirunagari (one for each direction). Due to nammAzhwAr‘s great attachment towards srInivAsan emperumAn, he appeared in all four directions to please nammAzhwAr. srInivAsan emperumAn (uthsavar with ubhaya nAchiyArs) has descended into the bhavishyadhAchAryan temple for the western part of the town. He has a separate sannidhi which also hosts krishNa with rukmiNi and sathyabhAmA and many sALagrAma sheelAs.



uthsavam – 5 days uthsavam completing on purattAsi thiruvONam

Two uthsavar deities of lakshmi narasimhar are present in their own sannidhi


emperumAnAr‘s thiruvArAdhana perumAL is present in the main sanctum along with emperumAnAr himself.

  • yAthrA perumALs

emperumAns carried along with jIyar swamy during his yAthrAs are present inside the main sanctum (when not in yAthrA).

nammAzhwAr uthsavar deity is present along with emperumAnAr in main sanctum.


ALavandhAr uthsavar deity is present along with emperumAnAr in main sanctum.


uthsavam – thiruvavathAra uthsavam – 5 days completing on Adi uthrAdam

thirukkachi nambi uthsavar deity is present along with emperumAnAr in main sanctum. Along with emperumAnAr, thirukkachi nambi from this temple participates in adhyayana uthavam at nammAzhwAr temple.


uthsavam – thiruvavathAra uthsavam 5 days completing on mAsi mrgasIrsham

Presiding deity of this temple present in the main sanctum. mUlavar uniquely appears with AdhisEshan in the backdrop. uthsavar deity is uniquely dressed in white clothes (even though emperumAnAr is a sannyAsi and usually is seen wearing kAshAyam/saffron clothes everywhere). This is because of the fact that emperumAnAr deity appeared long before his appearance and elders followed this practice as well. emperumAnAr visits nammAzhwAr during several occassions of the year. perumAL, thAyArs, nammAzhwAr and other AchAryas also visit emperumAnAr throughout the year on several occassions. nammAzhwAr and emperumAnAr enjoys thirumanjanam during a few occassions together. mAmunigaL performs mangaLAsAsanam to emperumAnAr on aippasi thirumUlam.

bhavishyadhacharyanuthsavam – thiruvavathAra uthsavam 10 days completing on chithrai thiruvAdhirai

pramEyam (goal) –
pramANam (scriptures) –
pramAthA (preceptors) –

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